Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How is your family doing in these tough times economically?

I really have two questions for my wise CWM sisters in Christ. One, what ways are you trying to save money in these tough economic times? I know every time I go to the grocery store it seems I pay more for less food. Second, is someone in your family out of work right now? If so, how are you coping and what things are you trying to do to encourage your family?

One thing I know for sure, as a therapist, we may try to hide hard times from our children but they always know something is going on. Difficult times are an excellent way to teach about God's sovereign control in our lives.

I look forward to hearing your comments.


Anonymous said...

My family is doing fine. I am the one who feels guilty because we can't afford....or I scrimp just to buy shoes for my children when the church asks for help for other families. I have to remember that God has and does ALWAYS supply our needs and leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

When the economy took a downturn, it took me almost 2 years to find full time work again after 8 years at home with my children. I know that during the time I was frantically looking for a job I wasn't really a SAHM anymore. Sadly, my days were fraught with worry and concern that employment was so hard to find. I tried to give it up to God, but he was waiting for me to be really ready. I'm two years into full time work, 2 kids in school and one 3 and 1/2 yo. I am eternally thankful to be working for many reasons, but am going through a sad period because I miss so much time with my youngest. I know that with God's help we will all be fine. During the slow period for my husband's business we accumulated sooo much debt. Even though things are better now, I am not sure we will ever dig out. But, we are so much better off than we could be. To God be the glory.-

Anonymous said...

My husbands work has deteriorated over the bast three years due to the economy. I went back to work after 10 years at home. I have been working full time for two years now. Every day I struggle with so many pressures and the guilt of not giving to the two youngest what I was able to give to the two oldest as far as time and investment in them. But through this experience I have learned to shed the things that are not necessary so that we have the time Nd resources for the necessary. We cancelled cable and I am a super couponer now. We save around 400 a month.

sooner said...

We are getting back to the basics. Our dryer broke, so we are hanging out clothes, Thank you God for your timing and good weather.