Thursday, June 9, 2011

What life lessons is your family learning?

This past school year my family learned the important lesson of perseverance. My children just finished 7th and 11th grade. Both grades are really tough and we got through it. I think my children learn the importance lesson of sticking with things even when they are tough. What lessons is your family learning right now? Please share.


Catrin said...

I feel like I am learning to run on fumes. :(

I just sat down at my lunch hour to formulate a 'plan of action', because I feel like I am exhausted at the end of each day, and so many things are suffering as a result; when I'm out of steam, I am more easily short-tempered, less willing to spend time with kids, less likely to check homework and monitor school progress, and more likely to let things slide in the chores and attitudes checks.

Short of being able to add more time to my day, I am going to have to learn better discipline to keep the household in order when I get home, so that the weight of tasks is distributed, so that everyone gets to bed on time, and so that homework does not fall behind.

This year, we have learned the hard lessons of late-penalties and missing-work penalties of middle school, and my daughter's grades have suffered for it.

But so many more lessons are still being learned, and leaning on God has to be the cornerstone. How else can a full-time-working mom of four kids including a teenager, make it through another day?

Proverbs 31:10-31 !

Megan said...

I came across your blog and was very interested. I just had a couple of questions, so if you could e-mail me back that would be great! Thank you for your time.

Christi said...

My two young sons are learning that Mom and Dad mean what they say and to make sure they themselves mean what they say. My husband and I are still learning how to balance our relationships with God, our relationship with each other, our kids, our home, and two full-time jobs. We're getting better at it, but it's definitely a process! We are learning to give each other grace when we need to, and to also give ourselves and our children grace, as well. God teaches us new things each day. He is teaching me to be a light for Him wherever I am, whether I'm at home, work, or somewhere else.