Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How do you save money?

Right now these are tough economic times. Can you share some ways that you are trying to save money? Maybe we can learn from on another.


Melody said...

Let's see, we have gotten rid of our long distance plan and now only have local phone service. We make long distance calls through our cell phones, as this plan is cheaper.
We have cut back our satellite to basic service. This has actually been nice, as we watch TV less,and play more games and have more conversations as a family.
We reduce our food budget by buying food baskets from Angel Food Ministries. This is a wonderful program that has saved us a ton on our grocery bill. They have a website if you want to do a search for them and check it out. We also plant a garden and freeze some of the vegetables.
I re-use plastic butter, sour cream containers, etc.. instead of buying plastic containers.
We re-use plastic grocery bags for trash bags in our small trash cans.
If I need clothing or a furniture item, I look for it at resale shops/yard sales before going to the store. You can find some excellent "gently used" items for much less than you would pay for them new.
These are just a few of the ways we save money.

Coach Kimberly said...

Hi Melody,

Great ideas. I all ready do some of those and didn't really think about it. I will have to check out the Angel Food ministry as well. My son is growing non-stop and therefore has a bottomless stomach right now.