Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentine's Day

What is the best Valentine's Day gift you have ever received? Also, how do you celebrate Valentine's Day with your children?


mamajessica said...

My husband isn't much into celebrating Holidays as he feels we should honor the ones we love every day. The best gift I received was a poem my hubby wrote for me. I carry it in my purse with me always.

As for celebrating with the boys, they aren't into mushy stuff, but I decided this year that we'd have some fun with it. The plan is do make heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and red foods for other meals. I would also like to do some crafts with them and have them call everyone they love to personally wish them a happy day.

Melody said...

My husband wrote me a letter for Valentine's Day when we were dating. I really cherished it, because it was one of the few times he actually put his feelings for me down on paper. He does buy me really nice Valentine's day gifts though. We don't buy Christmas gifts for each other, so we splurge a little on Valentine's Day.
I enjoy making homemade valentines with my daughter every year to celebrate the holiday. It's fun to get a little creative, and our friends and grandparents really enjoy getting them.

Dreamer said...

This year, I bought a valentine kit a the craft store that makes 8 valentines. My 4 year old daughter and I made valentines together. I liked it better last year when we made our own with paper doilies and red construction paper.

We also make a treat for the girls (4 and 2) to take to the babysitter's house. This year my oldest helped me mix and bake cupcakes. I frosted them and then we topped them with fondant hearts the she cut out with a cookie cutter.

We'll also call and wish the grandparents a happy Valentine's Day.

This year we may attend a Valentine's Luau at church. We all all tired of the cold gray weather here in MO, so the organizers at church thought a Luau would be just the thing to lift the winter blues.