Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What is a "good" Mom

As Moms we often feel inferior at times. As CWMs we are called to different standards. So, what do you think are the characteristics of a "good" Mom?


Gayla said...

Moms that live a Godly life, setting the example for their daughters. Whether that includes working or SAHM. A good Mom isn't afraid to be silly with their children and is strong enough to discipline them when needed. I could go on and on. Fortunatly, I had a Great mom!

Coach Kimberly said...


Thanks so much for sharing. I like the silly part. Sometimes I'm too serious. You are right about living a Godly life.

Melody said...

A good mom lives out her faith in her daily life with her children and trains them to love the Lord. She takes time for her children and knows them well, even when this is not easy or convenient. She is patient with her children. She loves her husband and teaches her children to respect him. I also agree about having fun and being silly with our kids. Some of my best memories of growing up was when I did fun things with my mom.
I'll be interested to read these responses. Hopefully, it will be encouraging. A lot of my friends are SAHMs, and I always feel so inferior to them.

Coach Kimberly said...

Hi Melody,

Wise words. I think respecting husbands has not been taught enough. Our entire society does not respect people in authority. Thanks for the reminder.