Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Listening to your children

What have you found are the best ways or times to listen to your children? Do you ever find it hard to listen to your children?


Anonymous said...

It varies for my two boys. The best time to talk to my 11 year old is at "tuck in". His mind is usually racing then and he has all sorts of thoughts to talk about.

For my younger son (7yr old) he is too tired at "tuck ins". The best time to talk with him is when he is doing a project. Especially if he is drawing. When I show interest in his project and ask him about his ideas, he often open up.

Coach Kimberly said...


Thanks for sharing. Great point about knowing the differences between your sons.

CarolynK said...

My teenage sons are more ready to talk later in the day. I try to bring up a topic I think they may be interested in or tell them something funny that happened to me that day. Sometimes that starts a conversation. I try to really listen and look at them when they are talking. It shows I value them and what they say.

Unknown said...

I have a three year old daughter who sometimes is more grown up than me. Sometimes, I find myself speaking to her without even acknowledging her feelings. That is something that I am praying about right now, is for God to please help bridle my tongue.