Friday, October 24, 2008

What does your family do for Halloween?

Does your family celebrate Halloween? If so, how? Do you go to a Fall Festival at your church or do trick or treating in your neighborhood? Everyone has a different opinion on the subject.
Also, for fun share what your precious children will be dressing up as this year.


Jessica said...

Generally we go Trick or Treating around our neighborhood. The Village provides a cookout at the park, so we stop there for dinner and then door to door gathering treats. Living in a small Village of 300 makes for a more intimate and less crowded time for our family during this "Holiday"

Some years we have friends who hold family costume parties and we'll dress up together and have a great time. Last year we were the Buccaneer Bones Family. This year we will go as an martial arts family.

Nancy said...

My 8 year old twin boys and I go trick or treating, while my husband hands out candy. We have a very social neighborhood for this kind of event and most folks hand out candy in their driveway, next to their firepit and are often grilling and sharing food for the grown ups who rushed home from work to get kids dressed and out!
Our school also does a Fall Festival and our Church held it's first and very successfull Trunk or Treat too.

Kelly O said...

We're actually starting some new traditions this year, since my nephew is old enough to actually trick or treat. My husband and I are going to my Mom's house to help with trick or treaters in their neighborhood (they live in a good development and apparently people bring their kids in from other places for the evening so there are lots.) Cooper will come by in the evening, since my sister is taking him to all the grandparents over the course of the evening.

We plan on having chili ready so when they come to Nina and Papaw's we can have supper and play with Cooper, and Angela can grab a bite before braving the traffic and ToT'ers.

Tammy said...

Hi I'm new here. My family carves pumpkins, I always make pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, and other treats. We live in a very rural area with only one tightly packed neighborhood. My dear friend lives there and we both dress up, along with our toddlers and pass out candy to the children. Our husbands don't care to dress up, so they busy themselves with the kids and eat the food. This year my friend's family are bees from the Bee Movie. I will be wearing a black dress with a witch hat (my standard) and my 16 month old McKenzie will be Minnie Mouse.

Coach Kimberly said...

Hi everyone,

I'm really enjoying hearing what everyone is doing. Sounds like some great food!! Tammy, welcome to the CWM community. There are a lot of great women here.

Anonymous said...

I have a questions for you all. I have a friend who recently began attending a chritian church. She now feels than participating in Halloween is devil worship. I was pretty taken aback and was alittle offended. Am I missing anything?

Coach Kimberly said...

Hi Anonymous,

I found this excellent article on the web: This will explain more. A lot of Christian churches say that Halloween is satanic and there are roots of that a long time ago. Personally, I don't think there is anything wrong with children dressing up. My church has a Fall Festival and we had one last night. Lots of games, free food, games, and candy. So, there are many different ideas about the issue. I found this article very informative and well written. Hope it helps.