Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sarah Palin - CWM as Vice Presidential candidate

Here in the United States everyone is talking about Governor Sarah Palin as Vice President.
She is a strong pro-life Christian and is a CWM. What do you think about all of this? Also, if you live in another country do you have CWMs in elected office? It would be neat to hear from other countries as well.


Anonymous said...

I agree that some of the questions being asked of Ms. Palin are sexist, though I've also asked if under the circumstances (five kids, one a pregnant teenager and one a baby with Downs Syndrome), she should have accepted the nomination for vice president. My thought is that in her family situation, I would prefer that her husband stay home with the kids if she becomes our next vice president. I don't think an at-home parent is always need, but in this case, it may be the wisest choice.

The other thought that occurred to me when I was reading about this in the paper was that a lot of evangelical moms were coming out as being in favor of Palin. I am so glad -- but where were my fellow evangelicals when I wrestled with the fact that God was calling me to be a working mom when I really wanted to stay home? I am thankful for supportive places like this, but I've come across a lot of criticism (most not directed at me personally, but at working moms in general). I guess if it takes Sarah Palin's nomination for vice president to change attitudes, I am glad.

Coach Kimberly said...

Excellent point about maybe evangelicals will be more supportive of CWMs now. I do pray that is true. My expectation is her husband will stay at home. I think he has been doing more of that. That is what I have been told. I'm not sure if that was verified. Thanks for your thoughtful points.

aworkingmomsjoy said...

From what I have been reading on other blogs and forums, there seems to be a lot of opposition still. Bible verses are being thrown around like darts, and I feel like I am in the minority for supporting her on these boards. I think if elected, the poor woman is going to be scutinized and judge very unfairly by these Christian women for the next four years.

It seems to me like they are trying to put God in a box. Who are we to say who he can use? Maybe he has raised up a woman for such a time like this, like he did with Deborah. Who went into battle with a man that was not her husband.

There just doesn't seem to be a lot of support for working moms. Be it that she works and McDonald or is VP of this country (unless she is a midwife or nurse of course)

Coach Kimberly said...

Dear aworkingmomsjoy,

Excellent comment especially about Deborah. If Governor Palin is elected we need to pray for her to withstand the attacks from the enemy Satan and others. We need to pray for whoever our leaders are and for wisdom in making decisions.

darcie1 said...

I agree with anonymous, that there seems to be a bit of a double standard going on here in our family of Believers. On the one hand, most pastors and Christian "leaders" frequently and strongly advocate for mothers to forebear to work outside the home if at all possible, yet these same pastors and leaders are strongly in support of Mrs. Palin. Many churches are remiss in the support of CWM, and we are largely an oft-overlooked group. But to address the subject, it is appearing Mrs. Palin may be a bit out of her depth in accepting the nomination. She started strong and captured the hearts of many conservatives, but is now faltering in the face of pointed questions and interviews. She may share our values and beliefs, but will this be sufficient to run the country should the McCain-Palin ticket emerge victorious? Or do we ask ourselves, was she placed in this spot for such a time as this by our great and awesome God?

Anonymous said...

I don't think Gov. Palin is representative of my views as a CWM. It is not enough to say that she believes in family values when it appears that her own family is not in order. This is my thought and I believe she should be taking care of her family, because both her small child and her pregnant teen will need her as well as her husband.

Anonymous said...

..,"Yet, as one commentator pointed out no one has asked Barack Obama if he can be president and be a Dad of two young girls. This question is only asked of women. Will it be difficult being Vice President and a Mom..."

This commentator is obviously delusional. Since when is raising children ever been a man's role?

Sarah Palin is lacking in many areas, but if we would like to say just because she is a Christian that she is somehow what we all should look up to...I will have to say...thank you, but no thank you. Hillary Clinton is better any day any time.

Anonymous said...

Oct 10th
CNN Breaking Gov. Sarah Palin abused her power in a state official's firing but did not violate the law, an Alaska legislative panel finds.

Anonymous said...

The inquiry looked into her (Palin's)dismissal of Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan, who said he lost his job because he resisted pressure to fire a state trooper involved in a bitter divorce with the governor's sister. Palin says Monegan was fired as part of a legitimate budget dispute.

Anonymous said...

My prayer is that Christians, especially women, who have a grand platform and great influence in our society will hold fast to the faith. None of us are perfect (he who is without sin, cast the first stone), but are saved only by God's grace. Satan wants nothing more than see Christians fail. Samuel says in the OT, far be it for me to sin by not praying you. In a society that shuns, Christian values and provides poor role models for our young ladies, I pray that God will raise up women who are willing to take such a stand.