Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Family Devotions

Do you do family devotions in your home? If you do what materials do you use? I read in a church bulletin once, Blessed is the family who starts family devotions again.


Zaneta said...

I would love to start family devotions. How would one get started?

Coach Kimberly said...


As a family we often read a chapter of scripture and discuss it. You can also study different people in the Bible. Alot of it depends on your children's ages. Focus on the Family has some good devotions and you can find them at www.family.org. And also the link below at Christian Book has a lot of devotions for families. Hope this helps.

Family Devotions

Anonymous said...

My youngest son and I use his childrens devotional bible. It has devotions within the books of the bible. We did that for about six months and one night he said he didn't want to read the devotional because they were always about being bad and what the bible says about it. :) So I asked him what do you want to do? And he said...I want to read the book. I said the bible? And he said yes. I want to start at the beginning and read it to the end. So, I said okay! We will. Now, the amazing thing to me about his wanting to do this was that he was 5 years old when he made the statement. We are in Samuel now. And he loves it. The only difficult part is having to read a bit ahead in order to "edit" some of the really gory sections or explicit sections. There is alot of blood and guts and sex in there which I never realized because I had never read thru the bible myself. We are both learning alot. So, each night we read a chapter in his bible, and say our prayers and he loves it. I get my bible time in and we get our devotional time together in and it is great.

Coach Kimberly said...


What a great idea to read through the Bible with your son. I have often said we need a G rated version of the Bible. You are right some sections are a little explicit. Whoever said the Bible was boring is wrong. There is romance, war, and lots of intrigue.
Also, how important that you and your son are having devotions together. He will make sure you keep up with it. Thanks so much for sharing.

Kim T. said...

I've found some great daily devotionals at our Christian bookstore. I have a 7-year old, and the concepts are tied to her understanding. They've led to some great discussions.