Monday, March 12, 2012

Quotes wrongly attributed to the Bible

In the March CWM issue I talk about quotes that are attributed to the Bible that are not in the Bible. For example, God helps those who help themselves. Please share some other quotes or examples you have heard that are inaccurate.


Janell said...

Good article on the misquotes. You explained them well. About number 3....God knows we often have more than WE can handle. That is when we have to come to Him for strength, wisdom, peace, etc. And that is what He wants...for us to depend on Him. When I feel I am handling life, unfortunately I don't spend as much time seeking after God.

Coach Kimberly said...

You are absolutely right! You did a much better job of explaining it than I did. We are at our best as Christians when we our neediest before our God and cling to Him.

Mary said...

"Cleanliness is next to godliness," which is not in the Bible at all, or misquotes, "God will not put on us anything that we cannot bear trust really strong people with misery," which is inaccurate and makes God out to be a meanie, and "Money is the root of all evil," which is not exactly accurate -- it is the *love* of money that is the root of *all kinds of* evil.