Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Support from family as a CWM

We often talk at CWM about reaction to Moms working from the church or other Moms. That got me to thinking. What kind of reaction did you get from your own mother and mother-in-law (if you have one) about working outside the home?


Ang said...

Both my mother and my MIL were CWM, so I have a great deal of support from them. I am fortunate that they've been-there-done-that and can encourage me.

The Working Home Keeper said...

Both my Momma and my MIL worked outside the home. My Momma actually moved in with us after our first child was born to provide childcare during the day. So I'd say she's been really supportive!

Mary Ellen
The Working Home Keeper

momma naenae said...

my mom and mother in law have been very supportive. Its my so called Christian friends that are from church or the local area. That shun down on me and Make me come home and cry,wondering if I am being a awful mom. Becasue I work during the day and send my child to preschool.
momma naenae