Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm Bored

Summer is here, (maybe not officially) because children are getting out of school. I have posted this before, but how do you handle the inevitable "I'm Bored" during the summer. Also, what free or low cost things have you found to do?


Catrin said...

1. Chores! I have a daily to-do list for the kids to accomplish before 'fun' activities in the summer. It helps the kids contribute to the household, and holds them accountable for some of the work that needs to be done.

2. Write letters! Grandmas and Grandpas (and pen-pals, and our World Vision kids we sponsor) LOVE to get letters! Spice them up with drawings, stickers, origami or whatever.

3. Camp Fire projects. My kids can earn patches and beads over the summer by choosing fun activities from thousands of choices in their project books.

4. Gardening. The kids choose some vegetables for the garden, and take 'ownership' of caring for their little plants.

5. Kiddie pool. It's amazing how much fun kids of all ages can have with a plastic pool, hose, squirt-guns, buckets, and bathing suits!

I will love to hear others' ideas as well!

Anonymous said...

I do not like many of the lyrics of music these days and I was lucky enough to find appropriate music that can be put on both your home computer and android phones. It's good for the entire family, especially kids bored during the summer! DAAps has gospel (spirit co?).
Good Luck

Jennie said...

VBS, of course! ;)

Join the summer reading program at the library...and make visiting the library a weekly (or bi-weekly) event.

My son has taken up frog-collecting and looks forward to dusk every night so he can find them, catch them, and put them in his little bug-house. (Not necessarily something I love, but he does!)

Coach Kimberly said...

Jennie, I think we have the same children. My son loves all things amphibian or reptilian. We have one fire belly toad, a mountain horn dragon lizard, golden gecko, and house gecko. I refuse to clean those cages.

Catrin and anonymous great ideas. I do a chore list as well.