Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Does your church serve baby food or solid food?

A very sad statistic recently came out that between 58-84% of graduating youth from church youth groups are not returning to church. A trend I'm noticing in children and youth programs at churches is the goal is to entertain and have fun. There doesn't seem to be a lot of solid Bible teaching going on. Now I know that is not true in all churches. So, my question to you is does your church still serve baby food or has it graduated to solid food? Do you feel you are getting in-depth study of the word in your own Sunday School class or small group?


Jennifer said...

Wow, the questions you posed in today's email were very thought provoking. Thank you! Our church is pretty entertaining. They do also focus a lot on scripture memory and bible stories, so I think there is a good balance, but as my daughter is now a first grader and will grow up so fast, I will make sure to always keep an eye on this. Thanks!

Catrin said...

An excellent article and topic! I am so thankful for my God-centered, Bible-teaching, truth-seeking church! I have grown in my faith and walk with the Lord through it. The pastors and elders ask us to hold them accountable to the Word of God.

As my kids approach teenage years, the statistics of the youth who fall away from faith is frightening. I've also heard the numbers, and am working to plant the Word deeply in my kids. The church is one tool, but I am also studying apologetics so that I can teach my kids to defend and stand up for their faith in a very unbelieving world. (fyi:

Great article, Kimberly; a very important topic for us CWMoms!

Coach Kimberly said...

Catrin and Jennifer thanks for your comments. We all need to be on guard and be our children's principle teachers of the Word. You can tell how seriously you both take your responsibility as Moms.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. While it IS important to hold our church leaders to a certain standard, it is the parents' job to serve “solid food” in regards to sheperding our children. Too often in my former Sunday school class, the parents left me to plant the seed, which I am happy to do, but an hour a week does not necessarily translate into a lifestyle. Parents need to stop using the church as a scapegoat for children leaving the faith. Ultimately it is the parents primary concern SUPPLEMENTED by the church.

Anonymous said...
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Coach Kimberly said...

Hi Anonymous~

I couldn't agree with you more. Yes, absolutely the Bible gives the parents the charge to teach their children in the ways of the Lord. I too have observed parents that think the church should do all the teaching. My concern has been the churches are "dumbing down" (I hate to use that term) the curriculum and not really challenging our children. Also, the church needs to help train parents in how to teach their children as well. That doesn't come easily for all parents. Thanks for sharing.

Catrin said...

Yes, the parents have primary responsibility for raising their children. But do the parents have a solid, Biblical, intellectual, spriritual-base to draw from? The church needs to support, teach, grow, and hold accountable the ADULTS, give good, solid teaching to the KIDS, and keep everyone in a strong fellowship of believers.

I believe that a youth who has a strong set of friends in a truth-teaching, "solid-food" church will be much less likely to leave their faith behind, than a youth who does not have a strong group of believing friends holding them accountable.

A good, real, solid church and community of friends is very important. I know first hand what happens if a church 'dumbs-down' (or 'politically-corrects') their teaching. It doesn't equip the kids to answer to the world when they leave home. And it's also likely the parents are reflecting this 'dumbed-down' or 'politically-correct' spiritual example that they see in church too.