Friday, July 31, 2009

When do your children return to school?

I know in different parts of the country, children go back to school at different times. This year we are starting two weeks later than normal due to school construction. So, we start September 1st. Normally, it is about the 3rd week in August. I have a feeling around mid August we all we be a little "crazy". When do your children return to school? Is that a sad or happy time for you?


Margaret said...

We return early this year because labor day is late. We return on 9/1. We've had a great summer but I think everyone is looking forward to getting back!

Melmj said...

My daughter goes back to school Aug. 19. It is a happy time for us, because she likes school and is anxious to get new clothes and supplies and meet her teacher. She also does really well with the routine of school, and I think she is ready to get back to it.

mamajessica said...

My boys start Aug 14th. In surrounding communities they begin the week after and some will not start until after Labor day due to construction.

The entire family is more than ready for school to begin again as we live in a very large, very rural area and the kids just need to be with other kids and get some of their energy burned

Mama Bear said...

Our guys start back on Aug. 26. We moved over the summer -- locally, but changed elementary schools -- so everyone is excited about the new adventure.

Julie D said...

We have 3 first days of school. (Actually the district has 4, but we only have 3 kids!)

Tuesday (8/11) 6th and 9th
Wed (8/12) Everybody else
Friday (8/14) Kindergarten
Monday (8/15) Preschool

I don't have a kinder this year.
I liked they way they sent the 6th graders early. They had the campus to themselves for one day.