Monday, April 7, 2008

What is God Teaching you right now?

I think we can learn from one another in our walks with God. So are you willing to share what God is teaching you right now in your life? I look forward to God getting the glory for the changes he is making.


Anonymous said...


For me God is continuing to teach me that not everyone is called to be a stay at home mom. He's allowed me to see some things of what it would be like financially, and has showed me how it just wouldn't be good for me in other ways. How gracious and kind and patient He is! He's also been continuing to show me these things for the last 6 years, even before my daughter was born.

The main thing of course, is that I have always thought, as do most people, that it's better for a mom to stay at home, at least when a child/ children are young, but I was encouraged the other day when my daughter told me that her friend at school was her best friend, but that I was her best friend of all! So I know that she doesn't feel isolated or abandoned by me taking her to school and leaving her for 10 hours a day, which is obviously what every new mom struggles with, at least for the first few years.

Thanks for letting me share, and I look forward to hearing what other people have to say too!


carrie said...

I appreciate your comment. It appears that we are on a similar journey right now. I have always felt that it would be best for me to be home at all costs. We have tried it several times, but financially it causes such strain, and I actually enjoy working SOME. I am learning that I would prefer part-time work, which will still require sacrifices, but also allow me to be with my kids MORE. However, my prayers right now are for contentment. I think I am in a full-time work situation (which is better than most any full-time situation I can think of, thank you God for that:) because I need to learn to stop wallowing in my bad attitude and negativity over working full-time. I work because my husband has asked me to, and our family needs me to. I have been in many situations in the last few years and just fought like crazy to get out, as if by fighting against the situation, I could prove to myself and those around me that I didn't want to be there, and that I would rather be with my kids. I am learning that my fight against working full-time doesn't serve anyone. I can talk to my husband about it and pray to the Lord and trust that if He wants to change things or provide something else, that He will.
Contentment is not easy for me, nor is changing my attitude. Right now I am praying many times each day for God to give me a good attitude, to help me get through the day and not be swallowed up in false guilt. God is faithful and I believe with His help I can change.

Anonymous said...

God is teaching me to be thankful for all the blessings that He has brought into my life. I have struggles as a full-time CWM, but those struggles pale in comparision to the blessings. I had the opportunity to volunteer with other women from my church at a group home for women (many with children) in crisis - what a way to put things into perspective! As much as I would like to be home with my kids everyday, they are loved, fed, and are doing well.

I asked my son the other day "who loves you?" - he responded, Mommy, Daddy, Nana etc. and God. I asked him "why does God love you?" and he responded - "because he is my friend." Wow! The most important thing that I can do for my kids is teach them about God. Praise God!

Coach Kimberly said...

I love hearing how God is working in your lives. Thanks for blessing me. A common theme through all of your comments is God's sovereignity and his plan for each of our lives. Looking forward to hearing from others as well. Thanks for sharing.