Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Break and Summer Vacation

My children are on Spring Break this week, so for the most part I'm taking the week off. I am working some from home. How do you handle Spring Breaks and summer vacations? What kind of arrangements do you make for your children? Often my husband and I do tag team parenting. I'm it for this week! Please share.


Anonymous said...

Usually during Spring Break the oldest son will spend a few overnights at my In Laws while the younger son spends his days at our sitter [who happens to be a family friend]. We then switch so that the younger son gets a couple overnights at his Grandparents' as well. This allows for some quality one on one time for each child with not only his parents, but grandparents too.

During the summer months we utilize our family friend for caretaking during the day, but sometimes the boys take turns between their two sets of grandparents.

Mark Goodyear said...

Our parents live about an hour away. Sometimes, they'll take one of our two kids for a day or so.

This spring break, though, I lost two days when I got stuck in California on business. : (

Coach Kimberly said...

I think it is great both of you have grandparents that live close by. My family has never had that luxury. In fact, my children only have my mother left as a grandparent and she is six hours away. Cherish the memories with grandparents.

Anonymous said...


My daughter has this week off too for Easter break. We went to see my mother in Boston (a 10 hour drive) and I took off Friday, Monday and Tues, so I didnt need a sitter for those days, and then she's at one sitter for Wed and Thursday, and at a different one for Friday since the first one had plans for Friday.

For summer vacation, the christian school she goes to has all day camp for the entire summer there is one week at the end of school and the beginning of camp, and then again at the end of the summer.

So then I have to come up with a sitter for that time.


Anonymous said...

I am a divorced mom with 3 amazing children. During the spring break, I take 3 vacation days to spend time with them and they spend the remainder of the break visiting their best friend. My oldest sister has been taking care of the children every summer for the past 10 years. It has become a family tradition and they absolutely enjoy themselves with their aunt. It also gives me an opportunity to spend some time alone and in the presence of God where I refresh myself.