Thursday, January 11, 2007

Problems with Posting

Some people have reported problems with posting. We are all learning how this new blog works. So, here are some helpful hints.

1. You do not have to sign up as a google blogger or subscribe to atom. You can post anonymously if you wish.
2. Sometimes it takes a while for posts to show up, refresh your broswer to see if your post
has shown up.
3. Also, you may try to post a few minutes later to see if it is working better.
4. You do have to type in those funny letters at the bottom, in order to post. The reason for that is to avoid the spammers who do it through a computer program. You can't spam when a human actually has to type in the words.

Please feel free to post any other questions, you may have. I will try my best to answer them.
Also, the Online Bible Study is separate from this blog. I can email you the information if you are interested in the Bible Study.

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