Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How does your family reach out to others?

As parents children often observe us more than listen to our words. Does your family serve together some way in your church or community? If so, can you please share what you do?


Ang said...

Right now, my oldest (11) and I tutor every-other Tuesday at our church kids' program in a housing project in town. When someone doesn't need help with homework, they can still come and practice spelling words, read together or just play games. That's what the 11yo loves; he can help if he's needed, but he especially likes to read to the little kids and play games with them.

During the summer months, we do regular programs in the housing complex, so there is a consistent presence throughout the year.

I'd love to hear what others are doing!

Coach Kimberly said...

Hi Ang~

What a wonderful ministry opportunity for your family. Your son is all ready learning to serve and reach others. Thanks so much for sharing. Even a busy Mom has time to serve others.