Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Are you spending less for Christmas this year?

I know times are tough economically right now. Are you planning on spending less this Christmas? Do you have any money saving tips you would like to share?


Mama Bear said...

I try to shop early in the fall season as things catch my eye and just hide them until Christmas. I do most of my shopping online, if the shipping costs do not outweigh the savings.

The Working Home Keeper said...

This is the second year we will be having a Green (cash only) Christmas. We set aside a little money each month towards our Christmas savings goal. This year I'm thankful we started in January because by mid-year, my husband had lost his job. But by then, we had saved up enough to have Christmas for the kids.

Anonymous said...

Whenever you see something you would like to give and are able to purchase, do so. Write down any gift thoughts you have and watch the sales papers, ask those around you about bargain buys they know of or get the hook up with those regular savings shoppers they know. Make a collage of the item(s)you would like to bless the person with. Give, right away.