Monday, September 7, 2009

Children, Cell Phones, Texting

As our society becomes more and more tied to cell phones our children think they "need" to have a cell phone. So, here are my questions. Do your children have cell phones? If so, how old were they when they got their first phone? If your child has a phone do they have texting? Have you had problems with your children "sexting" - receiving or sending sexual pictures?
I have found parental peer pressure is just as harsh as teen peer pressure sometimes. As Christian Working Moms is there a difference?


mamajessica said...

Our children are 11 and 8 and they DO NOT have cell phones, nor do I see the need for them to any time soon. We do provide walkies when they go to the park, for a bike ride or to a friend's house in town as it provides us with a sense of security and instills into our boys that communication is important.
I had my first cell phone at age of 17 because I paid my own bills while going to school and working full time. When the boys have their driver license, then we may allow a cell phone, but no texting. My husband is a Police Officer and that is one of his greatest pet peeves; seeing drivers texting. Thank goodness it is going to be against the law in our area as of 2010.
I am concerned about sex-ting as our main phone number is a cell phone [mine] so the boys give that out to their friends to call. Well just recently an 11yr old girl has been calling for our oldest son and she even left voice and text msgs worried about whether he liked her and if they were going out even though she was told by me that it was my phone getting the msgs! She finally stopped calling when I had a talk with her explaining that our son does not date girls yet and that they could only be friends if she was responsible with her calling.
I do not believe it is because of our Christian values that has driven us to such a decision as much as it just feels wrong.

Coach Kimberly said...


I totally agree with you. My daughter didn't get a cell phone till she went on a mission trip out of state and was in marching band. I had to know when to pick her up, etc. My advice is always to delay it as long as possible. You made some excellent points.

Angelita said...

That's really alarming for us parents, especially nowadays. I don't recommend giving thier own cell phones untill they always be away. My daugther use my cell phone if she go out or trip or when she needs to, just to understand the use of cell phones, I also inform her in the hazards of having a phone, and I'm thankful that she understand. Many of her classmates have already thier own mobile, and sometimes she request to have her own ofcourse, but I told her to use mine.

Anonymous said...

I just got my 14 y/o a cell phone b/c she is now in hs and leaves at 6:15 every morning and takes 2 public transit buses/trains to get to school. I feel better knowing she has arrived at school. She calls every morning to say she made it.
I was really opposed to her getting one until college. My dh and I just got one this spring bc of a complicated travel plan.
Also, my dd just got a $60 phone with 300 min. It's the kind that you pay as you go. She is paying for all of it. So, she is careful with her minutes.