Saturday, August 22, 2009

Crock Pot Recipes

On another post we talked about using a crock pot for those crazy days when you have soccer practice, etc. I'm looking for some new crock pot recipes. So, please share some of your favorites.


Coach Kimberly said...

Here are two links to my favorite crock pot recipes:

The first is Turkey Chili:

The second is an easy Roast Beef

Both are fairly quick and easy to get ready.

Bridget said...

Here is one of my favorites so easy! All you need is a Pork or beef roast as big as you can fit in your crock pot and one or two bottles of barbecue sauce depending on the size of your roast. Put roast fat side down into the crock, put barbecue sauce all over it; I usually use the whole bottle and then turn the crock on and leave it. I usually get some deli buns on the way home and a coleslaw kit. The roast should be so tender that you pull it apart with two forks and you have pulled pork sandwiches!

Coach Kimberly said...

Briget sounds really good. I will have to try that one and I love easy!!