Sunday, May 4, 2008

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Hayley said...
I am a newer mom and teacher who made the decision to go back to work this year.
I did a search and found this site in hopes to be connected with other christian moms, whom at one point or another have faced a difficult decision as career women---what is best for their children and family---remaining at work or transitioning to staying at home. We recently moved and have not found a church family here (which has made this time of my mommy-hood and making the decision to go back to work all that more difficult to get through). I am hoping to get both some prayer from other Christian women as well as advise from anyone else who can offer it and or a verse of encouragement.
Thank you.

April 7, 2008 10:49 PM

Coach Kimberly said...
Hi Hayley,

Welcome to the CWM community. If you would like a prayer partner send an email to me at and I will try to match you with someone. Moving to a new town, new job, and a new Mom - you have a lot on your plate. I remember we moved when my daughter was 10 months old and took a long time to find a church. I was extremely lonely. As for going back to work I think each woman struggles with that differently. I am convinced that God does not have a one size plan that fits all. Each family has to pray and decide what is best for their family. On the main page of the CWM site there is an article about what the Bible says about CWM. The verse that stands out for me for you right now is Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to give you hope and a future." Recently, I read a commentary that said it should read for God has thoughts of you. No matter what you are going through right now it does not catch God by surprise. Trust him and ask for his clear guidance. I pray God will be more than sufficient for you right now.

April 8, 2008 5:54 AM

Anonymous said...
Hello -

I'm a CWM - married with a 6 year old son. I sometimes feel a guilty and overwhelmed about not having my house as clean as I wish it was.. Sometimes I think about finding a housekeeper that would come to my house every 2 or 3 weeks to help me clean my home but I immediately feel guilty about having to pay someone to do something I should be doing. What do you suggest I do?

May 1, 2008 5:50 PM

Coach Kimberly said...
Hi Anonymous,

I certainly understand not having enough time to clean. If you can afford to have someone clean your house then do it. You will have more time with you son and be less stressed. When I look at the Proverbs 31 woman it says she managed her servants. So, she probably had someone cooking or even cleaning some. I think as CWMs we do guilt so well. The ultimate goal is getting your house clean, whether you do it or someone else. So, my suggestion is have someone clean and then be able to relax and goof off with you son. Hope that helped some.

May 2, 2008 4:41 AM


Anonymous said...

Joy in laundry?

Check out this article...hit home for me with the never ending struggle with laundry. A friend recently told me that she just keeps buying more laundry baskets!

Also, about feeling guilty about cleaning your house...I also struggled with that issue. We decided to have someone clean and it really has benefited the family. It is not every week or every two weeks, so we have to clean in between (usually when people are coming over). Just thought that I would pass along my experience. Kimberly, I never caught that the wife of noble character had "people" :)

Coach Kimberly said...

Loved the laundry article, so true.
Glad you liked the "people" comment. We often forget even women in the Bible did not do it all without help. Glad you have someone to clean.

Sally said...

Yes,I agree - about getting 'people' to help. I reached this stage only after 8 years of being a mom!I think we moms also need to stop feeling guilty when we don't have a super, squeaky-clean home...we need to overide the culture we live in that says WE moms need to have such a perfect home, and that we need to do it all by ourselves. We need to align ourselves with God's standards - to have a loving heart. A 'lived-in' home can nurture the family more than a pristine-perfect house that is built with stress!! :)

Anonymous said...

Sally, I agree with your comments. I also think about the fact that this time in my life with little ones who need a lot of time and attention is a season - a short season from what I hear from Moms with older kids. There will be time to have a cleaner, more organized house in another season. Maybe I can organize all the pictures during that season as well :)

Darcie said...

We CWM's shouldn't struggle with guilt over trying to "do it all" at home on top of our 50-hour workweeks! The cleaning, cooking, gardening, shopping,bills/finances, etc. We have to be content and let things go. I often struggle with envy after being at a non-working mom's home and seeing her beautiful garden. Perfect planters and pots of flowers! Then I give those thoughts to God and focus on growing a garden in my Spirit. Fertile ground for his work. When we prioritize our lives as first to be with the Lord, then be a good wife, next a Godly mother, and last a employee in the workforce unto the Lord, we will be fulfilled no matter what!

(BTW, I have a cleaning service in every 2 weeks, but due to high gas prices are going to let them go. My children are 11 and 6 and old enough to share in the work!)

Coach Kimberly said...

Hi Darcie,

Excellent point about our priorities. God cares more about the inside than the outside of ourselves and our houses. My children are getting older as well and I'm trying to get them to do more. Not always easy, but needs to be done. Thanks for sharing.