Monday, February 11, 2008

Are you Vulnerable to a Workplace Romance?

In the February issue of Pearls of Encouragement for Christian Working Moms, I discuss the topic, "Are you Vulnerable to a Workplace Romance?". Please share your thoughts on the article or observations from your workplace.


Anonymous said...

I thought this was excellent commentary. I have been tempted myself to have a workplace romance although I am not a favorite of seeing people on the job. I found the situation very tempting and had to call my pastor's wife and let her know about the situation. She prayed for me and I found that with time and boundaries, the desire and temptation ultimately went away.
Jennifer F.

Coach Kimberly said...


Thanks for sharing. I appreciate your comments. I commend you for speaking with your pastor's wife. Too often we try to fight the battle in secret and that is what Satan wants. I'm glad she was able to provide accountability.