Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Traditions

What Christmas traditions do you have with your family? Did you carry any over from your family of origin? Please share.


Jessica said...

Unfortunately I did not come from a very traditional family nor did they evoke any traditions upon me as a child.

That is why I have chosen to Read "The Adventure of Chrismas" by Lisa Whelchel in hopes of starting traditions with my own family. My husband and I also only provide our sons with 3 gifts each, just as the wise men did upon Jesus Christ. Currently they 3 items are comprised of one from the sibling, one from parents and the other from Santa; however, I would like to change that to reflect the gifts of the wise men.


YvetteMason said...

We have fun doing an Advent Calendar as we count down the days of December in celebration of the birth of Christ! We have a wooden Advent Calendar with doors and I place a special treat (piece of chocolate, stickers, erasers, etc.) in each little door. The kids are so full of excitement each morning as they open another door bringing us one day closer to Jesus' birthday!

Yvette Mason

Regina said...

Since we have been married, we celebrate with my husband's family on Christmas Eve, and our family Christmas morning. When my dad was a live, we would all have our own Christmas morning, and then gather at mom and dad's about 10 a.m to have a big brunch and then open gifts. Whe my dad died, mom had read that it was important to change traditions. While all of us grown children baulked at the idea, we went through with it. Now, we get together whenever we can all get together. The focus has shifted to celebrating "family". Mom was right. As our family, every year I make my husband's grandmother's fabulous tea ring for Chrismas morning. When her children were little, she would make it every Saturday morning. When they got older and had families of their own, she would make one for each of them for Christmas morning. It was a recipe that was a "pinch" of this and a "pince of that", knead until it is "warm like a babies bottom" etc. My sister in law had the insight to one day make grandma show her how to make the tea ring... she literally placed her hand measured amounts into measuring cups and spoons. Now, we all have a "concrete" recipe to use. We try to make a gingerbread house every year with the girls. I make the gingerbread and the girls each decorate a side of the house.

Coach Kimberly said...

Regina,I love the sotry about figuring out what exactly a pinch is, to pass on the recipe. What a wonderful gift.

Yvette, I love advent calendars. We have a neighbor who gives our kids one every year, that is a tradition as well.

Jessica, just think years from now your great grandchildren will share the new traditions you started. What a blessing you are being to them. All of us can start new traditions.

We always read the Christmas story from Luke before we open presents. As the children have gotten older they have taken turns reading the story. It reminds us of what Christmas is all about.