Thursday, April 12, 2007

Are you in the Sandwich generation?

I first learned about the sandwich generation when I was in graduate school. My professor was doing research in the area. The sandwich generation is when you are taking care of a parent and your children at the same time. My Mom lives in another state and recently fell and broke her hip. After she was discharged, I was taking care of her for awhile and my children at the same time. I think this will become more and more common. If you are in this situation, would you be willing to share your experiences. As a Christian Working Mom and helping with a parent and your own children, you can feel overwhelmed very quickly.


Tricia Scott aka ImzadiKY said...

I am in the sandwhich generation, although not quite as much now. My mother was Dibetic and had many complications. She was on dialysis for a couple years. Her mother *my grandmother) died ayears ago and she and I both were only children. That left me as the sol caregiver to my mom as her health got worse. The last 6-9 months of her life were filled with a lot of pain and quickly going down hill. She felt isolated and so would really need my attention daily, but between that taking care of my then 6 and 1 yr old daughters, and wprl a 40 hr a week job that had some big project I was put in charge of and really required 50-60 hrs a week, I became very overwhelmed.

When mt mom died in July I was sad, but it was also such a relief too, she was out of paint and after I took care of all her things, it was one less thing, demanding my time.

I have so much more to tell and questions to ask, bu tit is late, past 1:30 in the morning, my husband is going to kill me.

Before I go tonight I want to add a "Thank you" for this site. I hope it gets used, it could be really helpful.

Coach Kimberly said...


You are very welcome for the site. I can't imagine how you took care of your Mom, kids, and a demanding job. I certainly can understand how you felt relief when your Mom died. Your Mom raised a wonderful, caring daughter. I do hope now you take sometime to do a few things for yourself. May God give you strength daily.