Monday, March 19, 2007

What are your Easter traditions?

Easter will be here in a few weeks. Do you have Easter traditions for your family? As I have shared with you all before we have started using the Resurrection Eggs at our house after the Easter Egg hunt and now it is a tradition.


Anonymous said...

My favorite Easter tradition is Sunrise Service at our church. My husband, not currently a believer, goes this one day of the year to support me and the kids in what I consider the celebration of the most important holiday of my faith. This will be the second year that the children in my church will perform a skit I have written as part of the service. Afterward, the church family enjoys breakfast together cooked by some of the lovely women. Following the service we often do the "holiday house bounce" to see all of the grandparents, but somehow it seems less draining than usual.

Anonymous said...

We switch back and forth between his family one yr and mine the next. (My inlaws live about 4 hrs away, but my mom only lives about 10minutes!) =o) But the general tradition is the same for both Families! We go to church in the morning and then back to grandmas for lunch/dinner later in the day and have a big easter egg hunt, ride horses, play~ When I was small we also always got a new dress/hat/gloves and shoes for easter to wear to Easter service at church, so I have kindof kept that going for my kids. They always get a special outfit also but a couple of times it has come from the second hand store~ Last year however they were both in my cousins wedding a couple weeks before easter, so they already had new clothes to wear for church.

oh and don't forget the bubbles!!! this is one day a year that we go crazy with bubbles! there are always bubbles in the easter basket! =0)

Happy Working Mom said...

My kids are little, so we really don't have any traditions yet. But I do have some concerns as they grow up. All I remember about Easter Sundays are sitting through church just waiting and waiting for it to be over so that we could get back home and look for our Easter baskets. Now I'm not naive, I know no matter what I do my kids will probably go through this phase as well, but I would love to come up with a way that they can enjoy the secular part of Easter (candy and and Easter baskets) while also remembering what it's all about.

It could just be a lost 3 year-old will tell you that Christmas is Jesus' birthday and what happened that night, but I guarantee you if you ask her what her favorite part of Christmas is she'll tell you the toys. I'm sure Easter will move that way as well. But at least I will be doing all I can to keep the kids reminded for the real reason for Easter!

Coach Kimberly said...

Happy Working Mom,

I think you are right about the understanding Easter better as they grow. I love the Resurrection Eggs. You can find them at most Christian bookstore or at Each egg has a part of the Easter story in it and the last egg is empty symbolizing the empty tomb. My kids are older now, but they still insist on doing the Resurrection Eggs. Thanks for sharing and I love your picture.

Anonymous said...

One of the Easter traditions that I've started is making Resurection cookies. They are made mainly from egg whites added w/ almonds that you beat with a wooden spoon. All the ingredients have a meaning and a scripture verse that you read as you go along. You turn the oven on ahead of time, and then when you put the cookies in the oven, you turn the oven off, and put a piece of tape on it to signify that Christ was sealed in the tomb. Then you go to bed and wait to see what you have in the morning!

The cookies don't really taste that great, but I love being able to incorporate the Easter story in a demonstrative way.

We are traveling to another part of the country this weekend to be with my mother who is not a Christian, so I'm hoping that the Lord will use it to speak to her heart.


Anonymous said...

Our family traditions include waking up the kids with their Easter baskets. These are filled with candies and small toys. Then they dump out their contents (onto their bed usually!) and use their baskets to hunt for the Easter eggs that their father and I had hidden the night before/earlier in the morning. If it's a decent day outside, then the egg hunt is outside, if it's yucky then it's indoors. The kids prefer outside!!! We usually have a good dinner together where we all take turns praying. We don't attend church on Sunday morning because we go the night before. Our church offers three services.