Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Valentine's Day and Children

My children think Valentine's Day is for them as well at home. So, everyone has to get a gift. How do you celebrate Valentine's Day with your children? How about your spouse? Do you have any traditions?


Anonymous said...

I have a 7 year old and a 1 year old. Every year for my 7 year old I make him a basket. I put some fresh underwear and socks. I pour his favorite candy in the bottom. Last year I bought him a brand new pair of Nike tennis (he needed them) and a outfit to match. I went to Walmart and bought some of the red netting and wrapped it all in one of the wicker baskets that I purchased from Walmart. This year we will probably just go out to eat because I just bought a new car and I don't have much discretionary income. I'm a SINGLE Christian Working Mom. So my kids are my valentines!!!

Anonymous said...

We celebrate Valentine's Day as a family too~ My kids are 10 and 7, but they ARE our Valentines! Maybe because my mom always included us on Valentines Day...I have carried that on to my family. My husband thought it was strange at first, but he let me go with it! LOL We enjoy seafood for every Valentines Dinner. We make dinner together at home. We've made it a family tradition to try new seafood dishes...we've had crab legs, mahi mahi, orange roughy, lobster, shrimp scampi, etc...and then we also make a fancy desert...and I get my kids a Card and a small box of chocolates as well. We spend the evening in the kitchen together making new things and then we set the table with fancy tableware and candles~

(my husband and I try to sneak off on a different night for a quick date LOL)


Mark said...

I found this list helpful. The Case Foundation has "14 Charitable Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day." Lots of things you can do as a family.

Melmj said...

Either my husband or myself will take off work and help wiht the Valentine's Day party at my daughter's preschool. My husband usually buys her a gift or candy, and she and I have fun making homemade valentines together and sending them out.
My husband and I don't buy each other Christmas gifts, so if we have the money, we usually give each other gifts or do something big for Valentine's Day. Sometimes he gives me jewelry, or flowers, or we go out to eat at a nice restaurant. I usually buy him a nice gift and make or bake him something sweet (he has a real sweet tooth!) Some people think this is weird, but we often take my daughter along when we go out for Valentines Day. Most of our friends our married too, so we hate to ask someone to babysit that night. My daughter usually really enjoys going with us, and it's a great opportunity to remind her of proper table manners.

Anonymous said...

Did everyone have a great Valentines Day? We had a wonderful dinner and watched Mary Kate and Ashey in "It Takes Two"
My daughter has been begging to watch it together! (that is one of our treats~ every once in awhile we all sit together on the couch and snuggle and watch a movie!!)

My son (10) gave us the best gift ever~ He said one of the best prayers I have ever heard!! We were so proud...my hubby and I were both in tears!


Coach Kimberly said...

Sounds like fun Jenlon. I always blessed when I see my children growing spiritually. It is so neat to see God working their lives. We had lots of chocolate at my house, which is always a wonderful thing.

Anonymous said...

Chocolate is ALWAYS good! LOL

I'm not a big candy and sweets gal, but every once in awhile I go through a phase where I crave it! Hahaha my latest is peppermint candy ice cream with chocolate syrup!! The ice cream is left over from my bday in Dec...Schwans carries it for christmas~ it is yummy!!

Anonymous said...

In our house, my three kids all got t-shirts to wear to the sitter's and some candy, and my husband and I got dinner out. They were so excited to wear their new shirts and show them off to the sitter (my best friend and surrogate aunt to them).

Anonymous said...

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